2022-01-29 12:59:52 +02:00

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This app is a custom (not officially developed or maintained) app packaged for Cloudron.

It packages an instance of the excellent document conversion utility Pandoc (

Pandoc only runs from the command line. By packaging it into a web app, a consistent publishing environment can be maintained in a single location (avoiding multiple local installs which might change over time) and be accessible from any device, even without Pandoc and its utilities installed.

It is based on Cloudron's tutorial-supervisor app and the padoc docker app from Viktor Petersson (

Upload a source document in Markdown (.md) format plus any images to be included.

This app will process them using Pandoc ( with a tweaked eisvogel template and awesomebox.sty to create a beautiful PDF, without the hassle of manual formatting in Word etc. A file awesomebox.pdf is included to show what is possible for styling effects.

A sample document ( with sample cover (sample-background.pdf) and a sample logo / image (sample-logo.png) are provided, along with what the app will produce (sample.pdf).

Once the source Markdown and related images files are uploaded, click the button to process them.

The app will create a PDF, which must be downloaded to the local computer, as it cannot be retrieved later.

The source Markdown file will be moved to /app/data/done (in future version, it will be deleted).

Image files will not be moved, in case they are required for subsequent PDF creations, e.g.on updating and re-uploading the source Markdown file.

NB : currently source image files might be overwritten by other users of the app uploading a file of the same name but different content. Your document will then be. reated with the wrong image. If so, re-upload them and retry. This issue will be addressed in a future version.

Authentication may be added later (currently not required under initial use case).