This custom app for Cloudron packages Pandoc, Latex, the eisvogel template and awesomebox.sty. Upload Markdown files and images used in document, and the app will build a PDF for you to download.
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10 months ago
This app is a custom (not officially developed or maintained) app packaged for Cloudron.
It packages an instance of the excellent document conversion utility Pandoc (
Pandoc only runs from the command line. By packaging it into a web app, a consistent publishing environment can be maintained in a single location (avoiding multiple local installs which might change over time) and be accessible from any device, even without Pandoc and its utilities installed.
It is based on Cloudron's tutorial-supervisor app and the padoc docker app from Viktor Petersson <> (
Upload a source document in Markdown (.md) format plus any images to be included.
This app will process them using Pandoc ( with a tweaked <a href="">eisvogel template</a> and <a href="">awesomebox.sty</a> to create a beautiful PDF, without the hassle of manual formatting in Word etc.
10 months ago
A file awesomebox.pdf is included to show what is possible for styling effects.
A sample document ( with sample cover (sample-background.pdf) and a sample logo / image (sample-logo.png) are provided, along with what the app will produce (sample.pdf).
10 months ago
Once the source Markdown and related images files are uploaded, click the button to process them.
The app will create a PDF, which must be downloaded to the local computer, as it cannot be retrieved later.
The source Markdown file will be moved to /app/data/done (in future version, it will be deleted).
Image files will not be moved, in case they are required for subsequent PDF creations, e.g.on updating and re-uploading the source Markdown file.
NB : currently source image files might be overwritten by other users of the app uploading a file of the same name but different content. Your document will then be. reated with the wrong image. If so, re-upload them and retry. This issue will be addressed in a future version.
10 months ago
Authentication may be added later (currently not required under initial use case).