This custom app for Cloudron packages Pandoc, Latex, the eisvogel template and awesomebox.sty. Upload Markdown files and images used in document, and the app will build a PDF for you to download.
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title subtitle author date lang titlepage titlepage-background titlepage-color titlepage-text-color titlepage-rule-color titlepage-rule-height header-left header-center header-right footer-left footer-center footer-right logo logo-width colorlinks header-includes pandoc-latex-environment
SAMPLE DOCUMENT Demonstration of features Tim Considine 2022-01-29 en-GB true sample-background.pdf 008080 333333 FBC81A 4 \thetitle \hspace{1cm} \leftmark \theauthor \thedate Page \thepage sample-logo.png 90mm true [```{=latex} \usepackage{awesomebox} \usepackage{tcolorbox} \newtcolorbox{info-box}{colback=cyan!5!white,arc=0pt,outer arc=0pt,colframe=cyan!60!black} \newtcolorbox{warning-box}{colback=orange!5!white,arc=0pt,outer arc=0pt,colframe=orange!80!black} \newtcolorbox{error-box}{colback=red!5!white,arc=0pt,outer arc=0pt,colframe=red!75!black} ``` ] [{noteblock [note]} {tipblock [tip]} {warningblock [warning]} {cautionblock [caution]} {importantblock [important]} {tcolorbox [box]} {info-box [info]} {warning-box [warning]} {error-box [error]}]

::: box



sample text \vskip 0.3em

Occasionally you may need to include some latex instructions to control document layout and appearance. EG : \vskip 0.3em

\vskip 0.3em


[contact point] :::

::: box



\center end of document