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# Find all LaTeX and Markdown files
MDFILES=$(find /app/data/input -regex '.*\.\(md\|markdown\|tex\)')
cd /app/data/input
if [ -n "$MDFILES" ]; then
for i in "$MDFILES"; do
INFILE=$(basename "$i")
OUTFILE=$(echo "$INFILE" | sed 's/\.\(md\|markdown\|tex\)/\.pdf/g')
echo "Converting $INFILE..."
# original
# pandoc -V geometry:margin=1in -t latex -o "$OUTFILE" "$INFILE"
pandoc "$INFILE" -o "$OUTFILE" --pdf-engine=pdflatex --from markdown --template ./eisvogel.latex --filter pandoc-latex-environment --listings
mv "$INFILE" /app/data/done/
mv "$OUTFILE" /app/data/output/
echo "$OUTFILE" > /app/data/output/dl.txt
echo "No LaTeX or Markdown files found. Exiting."