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subtitle: "Demonstration of features"
author: "Tim Considine"
date: "2022-01-29"
lang: "en-GB"
titlepage: true
titlepage-background: "sample-background.pdf"
titlepage-color: "008080"
titlepage-text-color: "333333"
titlepage-rule-color: "FBC81A"
titlepage-rule-height: 4
header-left: "\\thetitle"
header-center: "\\hspace{1cm}"
header-right: "\\leftmark"
footer-left: "\\theauthor"
footer-center: "\\thedate"
footer-right: "Page \\thepage"
logo: "sample-logos.png"
logo-width: 90mm
colorlinks: true
- |
\newtcolorbox{info-box}{colback=cyan!5!white,arc=0pt,outer arc=0pt,colframe=cyan!60!black}
\newtcolorbox{warning-box}{colback=orange!5!white,arc=0pt,outer arc=0pt,colframe=orange!80!black}
\newtcolorbox{error-box}{colback=red!5!white,arc=0pt,outer arc=0pt,colframe=red!75!black}
noteblock: [note]
tipblock: [tip]
warningblock: [warning]
cautionblock: [caution]
importantblock: [important]
tcolorbox: [box]
info-box: [info]
warning-box: [warning]
error-box: [error]
This is just a smaple document to test the Cloudron Pandon PDF Builder.
It is just a markdown document. Upload it ot the app with any images and cover background.
::: important
This is an example of using awesomebx.sty to add styling to content.
Have a look at some other features.
Make sure you understand and tweak the preamble which is at the beginning of the document.
## Preamble
This has core information to setup the document for building a PDF.
You can include images and other features in the body of the document.
They should be in the same directory as the document.
## Cover logo
One logo you may want to use is on the cover page.
It can be references in the preamble.
## Cover Background
Also in the preamble, you can specify a cover.
This is just a PDF with any graphics you want to show on the cover page.
The document title and other document data will be over-printed ont this background.
::: warning
This is another styling feature to draw attention to content.
You can add multiple lines.
The styling features you can use are :
noteblock: [note]
tipblock: [tip]
warningblock: [warning]
cautionblock: [caution]
importantblock: [important]
tcolorbox: [box]
info-box: [info]
warning-box: [warning]
error-box: [error]
### Subheadings
This is a 3rd level subheading.
You can use standard markdwon for this, e.g. `###`.
> You can also add a blockquote for certain content
Other standard markdown can be used.
- bullets
- sub-bullets
- bullets
Check guides on the internet for writing Markdown.
## Images
An image is included in the body of the document using standard Markdown.
```![Sample Image](sample-image.png)```
![Sample Image](sample-image.png)
## HIghlight text
You can highlight text using `a back-tick` character at start and end of text.
NB : this is not the same as a single quote.
::: box
sample text
\vskip 0.3em
Occasionally you may need to include some `latex` instructions to control document layout and appearance.
EG : `\vskip 0.3em`
\vskip 0.3em
[contact point]
::: box
end of document